Google is so evil, its own employees are walking out and protesting the tech giant

The year of 2018 has been a contentious one for Google Inc. Whether it’s claims of sexual abuse from senior leadership, the covering-up of sexual abuse within senior leadership, or employees walking out in mass protest, Google has become fraught with moral and ethical dilemmas. Not only have leaked videos uncovered Google’s political bias, but the evidence of algorithmic censorship of conservative sites is mounting. In 2018, Google employees spoke out against the company’s plan to work with the Pentagon to use artificial intelligence to enhance weaponry, and over a thousand employees have either quit or written in protest against the tech giant’s clandestine censorship project in China.

With no standards to adhere to, Google’s unchecked power becomes an evil, unaccountable force. The simplest advice for consumers is to avoid Google, but every aspect of society is infiltrated by Google products. Whether it’s a video streaming service (YouTube), a free email service (Gmail), a listening device (Google Home), the need for a comprehensive search engine, or a cell phone operating system (Android), Google is interwoven into the very fabric of a tech-driven society. Therefore, the lack of oversight for an unaccountable tech monopoly ultimately impacts everyone in modern society.

Google’s hypocrisy explained

In a leaked video after the 2016 election, Google’s leadership laments the election results and calls for a more inclusive Nation, one that is not driven by the hate and fear that Donald Trump allegedly embodies. Google’s virtue signaling is as shallow as it gets, for what is more hateful and non-inclusive than Google’s own algorithms, which target and censor the politics and ideas that they don’t agree with?

Google’s leadership verbalize that they are against the xenophobia of the right, saying Republicans are prejudice against people from other countries. But what is more prejudice and xenophobic than Google’s own Dragonfly project? This clandestine project intends to introduce a search engine and cell phone operating system that censors topics that the Chinese government doesn’t want the Chinese citizens to learn or communicate about. About 1,400 employees wrote to their employer about the clandestine project and stood against the company’s willingness to abide by China’s censorship requirements in order to launch new products in China.

Google leadership has also verbalized that they are against misogynist behavior and rhetoric, but what is more misogynist than Google leadership covering up sexual abuse claims within their own company? In late 2018, Google employees from New York City, Dublin, London, Singapore, Toronto, Berlin, and Cambridge all joined in to protest against their employer, after company management were caught protecting multiple executives from allegations of sexual assault.

Google leadership claims to be for all people, genders, and races, but how can the company care about any group of people if it can’t first respect the privacy of the individual? Google’s massive sellout of user’s most private information to advertisers is a business model that cares about no one, no gender, and no race.

Google is neither virtuous, nor striving toward any moral standard. For every employee that rightly leaves their career with Google, another undergraduate student filled with liberal hypocrisy will gleefully fill the position. If Google is not stopped at the source of its evil and held accountable for fraud, censorship, privacy violations, election meddling, and abuse, then what really is the purpose of a republic and what does the country stand for anyway?

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