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Leftists have the HITLER comparisons all backwards: Hitler invaded other nations by violating their borders; Trump wants to STOP the violation of our borders

The perpetually outraged Left has convinced itself that President Donald Trump and his supporters are modern-day incarnates of the National Socialist Party — Hitler’s Nazis — when in fact they’re the ones who more resemble members of that evil regime.

In recent days, employees of Amazon sent a letter to company founder and CEO Jeff Bezos complaining about his company’s contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, likening it to IBM’s contract with Hitler’s Germany during World War II.

“As ethically concerned Amazonians, we demand a choice in what we build, and a say in how it is used. We learn from history, and we understand how IBM’s systems were employed in the 1940s to help Hitler,” the letter states. “IBM did not take responsibility then, and by the time their role was understood, it was too late. We will not let that happen again. The time to act is now.”

As reported by The Daily Caller, Holocaust experts have said that IBM supplied technology to the Nazi regime that allowed better tracking of victims and inmates of the Auschwitz and Treblinka concentration camps. 

So in other words, the Amazon employees are making the outrageous claims that a) POTUS Trump is operating “concentration camps” to incarcerate illegal aliens; and b) ICE agents are the new SS troops operating those ‘camps.’

Never mind that Hitler was the one who invaded countries, while Trump is the one trying to stop ours from being invaded. 

What’s more, it’s just outrageous to make these claims. There is nothing going on along the U.S. Southwest border that even resembles the death and horror of a real Nazi concentration camp. In fact, one could argue convincingly to any reasonable-minded person the way migrants and migrant children were treated under the Obama administration was far worse. (Related: TIME Magazine admits screaming migrant girl cover is FAKE news, but says it “captures” a real story, so it doesn’t matter.)

In their letter, the employees demanded the company “stop selling facial recognition services to law enforcement” and “stop providing infrastructure to Palantir and any other Amazon partners who enable ICE,” despite the fact that immigration and border security agents use the technology to help them spot criminals and terrorists. 

Not an environment for reasoned debate

The letter followed the anti-American ACLU’s revelation and condemnation of Amazon’s sale of the facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies.

“Once a dangerous surveillance system like this is turned against the public, the harm can’t be undone. Particularly in the current political climate, we need to stop supercharged surveillance before it is used to track protesters, target immigrants and spy on entire neighborhoods. We’re blowing the whistle before it’s too late,” Nicole Ozer, technology and civil liberties director for the ACLU of California, said in a statement provided to The Daily Caller in May.

The men and women of ICE and the U.S. Border Patrol are bearing the brunt of the corporate media-fabricated “migrant child separation crisis” — the carrying out of a policy that has been used for years along the U.S. border.

The only difference today than before is that the Trump administration is calling all adults caught crossing the border illegally criminals — which is what they are — and criminals are separated from children when they are incarcerated.

It’s also true that migrant adults are gaming our system: Illegal aliens’ use of minors to gain entry into our country is up more than 300 percent.

There are many problems with our immigration system, and there is an honest debate to be had over how best to fix it. But that’s a conversation we can’t have as long as angry Democrat-aligned Leftists accuse federal immigration agents of being Nazis who incarcerate illegal aliens in ‘concentration camps.’

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J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

Sources include:

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