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Corruption of U.S politics: Leaders claim 1st and 14th amendment right to receive bribes

In what can only be described as an epitome of the sorry state of politics in our country, John Schickel, a Kentucky State Senator, along with two Libertarian political candidates, are claiming they have a Constitutional right to receive gifts from lobbyists. Detailed in their lawsuit, they explain that they are simply suing to overturn state ethics laws, which limits the campaign contribution to $1,000 and bans gifts from lobbyists and their employers.

The claim of violations to one’sĀ first and fourteenth amendment rights has been heard quite frequently in our nation’s courthouses as of late, but not by actual physical people. It turns out that corporations have been happily capitalizing off of the recent legal reinterpretations of the 1st amendment to cater to their agendas of blocking GMO labeling, collecting crooked loans and even justifying violations of internet privacy! With stories like this becoming a daily reality in our nation, how much longer will it be until we are officially a glorified Banana Republic?

Read about the degradation of our rights and the most recent attacks on the Constitution at


The Intercept

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