The New York Times is now OPENLY racist with its hatred for white people – WATCH at

It can’t be stated enough that the left is no longer even trying to hide its hatred for white people.

The recent hiring by The New York Times (NYT) of admitted racist Sarah Jeong just goes to show that modern-day liberalism has a large contingent of followers who aren’t bothered by this – otherwise she never would have been hired!

In a recent episode of End Times Prophecy News with Jim Beckwith, available at, Beckwith says it like it is.

“Once again, The New York Times is showing that they’re racists,” Beckwith states as he reads headlines about Jeong’s hiring.

“And it’s China … a communist country that hates Christians and has killed four times what Hitler killed,” he adds, pointing to Jeong’s ethnic heritage as a possible impetus behind her anti-white sentiments.

Sarah Jeong comments about how it was her “plan all along” to make white people go extinct

In reading some of Jeong’s tweets, Beckwith covers a few that haven’t been covered as extensively as others. One of these involves the current birth rates of white people on average, which have been on a steady decline for many years now.

In a tweet she sent to the Twitter account @RepDanMode dated August 16, 2014 – the @RepDanMode Twitter account has since been suspended – Jeong morbidly praised the decline of white people, which she claimed responsibility for.

“White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This was my plan all along.” was Jeong statement, followed by a purple “devil” emoji.

Dear Sarah Jeong: “white” people have made enormous contribution to the quality of life that YOU enjoy

Jeong received plenty of flack for these racist statements, including reminders from some that most of what she takes for granted as part of modern civilization is a product of white ingenuity.

“If you still feel this way, how do you reconcile your hatred of white people with the fact that almost everything you enjoy in life and use daily was invented, created, or otherwise made possible by Western Civilization which means, yes, white people?” asked one Twitter user of Jeong.

Others pointed out the fact that someone like Jeong doesn’t belong in a prominent writing position – and this was before she was hired by the NYT to occupy a seat on its editorial board.

Since Jeong is an Asian woman and her target is white people, and primarily white men, she’s given a free pass to spew as much hate as she wants. In fact, both she and the NYT tried to argue that white people are to blame for Jeong’s hate, and that she’s merely retaliating to their hatred and is fully justified in doing so.

Twitter has also given Jeong a free pass, which were she a white person saying these exact same things about blacks, her account would have been removed years ago. Candance Owens, a conservative commentator, experimented with this by republishing some of Jeong’s racist tweets herself, replacing “white” with “black” and “Jewish,” and her account was quickly suspended.

Microsoft has also threatened to remove content that’s far less offensive than what Jeong tweeted. That’s because it targeted Jews instead of white people – and white people are apparently the only group you’re allowed to hate.

“Her tweets had occurred over a period of several years … and were mostly directed at whites as a group, not individual people,” writes Uri Harris for Quillette, debunking both Jeong’s the NYT’s claim that Jeong was merely “counter-trolling.”

“In the religion of social constructionism, Jeong, by virtue of being an Asian woman, is one of the elect, incapable of the sin of racism or group prejudice. All she is doing is resisting whiteness and maleness, which indeed require resistance every second of the day,” writes Andrew Sullivan in another really great piece for

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