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05/03/2016 / By evilnews

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) –  Johnson & Johnson has suffered its second costly court defeat in less than three months over

12/15/2015 / By evilnews

Officials with the Los Angeles County Unified School District closed all schools in the district today in response to a

12/03/2015 / By evilnews

After the debacle of an article from ThinkProgress recently, which mistakenly reported that UCC did not actually have a ban on

10/30/2015 / By evilnews

Former Pennsylvania Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr. has been sentenced to 28 years in jail for taking $1 million in bribes

10/29/2015 / By evilnews

In an attempt to reduce the company’s overhead costs and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced tech industry, Hewlett Packard has decided to lay

10/22/2015 / By evilnews

After spending the last decade touting their protected status of either “too big to fail” or “too big to jail,”

10/16/2015 / By evilnews

In the latest of a slew of IRS corruption suits, Paul G. Hurley, an IRS agent based in Seattle, is

10/11/2015 / By evilnews

During a recent audit, investigators uncovered evidence that revealed an official at the EPA accumulated in excess of $69,000 worth of travel

10/07/2015 / By evilnews

In what is being called the most pivotal turning point in her child’s life, the mother of a 14 year

Parent watches in glee as son receives hormone dose to alter gender"]

09/29/2015 / By evilnews

Bill Nye the Science Guy declares that laws protecting unborn people are based on ignorance and reflect a deep scientific

Bill Nye Goes on unscientific anti-life tirade about the Bible"]

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