The DEA turns its back on freedom; refuses to reschedule cannabis, claims it’s worse than METH

Friday, August 12, 2016 by

In a mind-boggling decision that proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is horrifically corrupt, the organization has once again refused to reschedule cannabis from a Schedule I drug, despite having zero logical reasons not to do so.

With this decision, the DEA is essentially claiming that marijuana is even more harmful than crystal meth, which is still a Schedule II drug. To put it into perspective, heroin is also a Schedule I drug. The DEA wants the American public to believe that cannabis is as harmful as heroin. How many lives do you know that have been destroyed by marijuana? Any?

This decision is truly remarkable in all the wrong ways. Thanks to the expansion of the internet — where all sorts of information is readily available at our fingertips — and the awakening of the American people, we’ve known for years that not only is cannabis not harmful, it’s actually filled with seemingly endless health benefits.

Hemp is another plant that is strictly regulated; getting a permit to grow it is a long shot. But, hemp products are still legal, and can also help to support health. That’s why the Health Ranger and Native Hemp Solutions have decided to partner up and provide us with a hemp extract that is lab-validated for 100 percent authenticty. Mike Adams’ CWC Labs tests and verifies the CBD content of these extracts to ensure accuracy.

Unfortunately, the legality and efficacy of marijuana is still up for debate, at least in the eyes of the DEA.

Vox reports, “This isn’t the first time the DEA refused to reschedule marijuana — and this time, it seems to have used the exact same reasoning it used several times over the past few decades: There’s not enough evidence that pot has medical value.”

But that is egregiously false. Whether preventing seizures, fighting cancer, relieving asthma, or another one of the plant’s countless uses, marijuana improves the quality of life for everyone that ingests it. Even those who smoke cannabis recreationally — the people that the DEA claims to be worried about — will still receive the health benefits.

This has all been proven and is basically common knowledge at this point.

It’s time to change the way federal government officials treat marijuana. It’s infinitely more trustworthy, healthy, important and likable than they are anyway.

And unlike them, it won’t kill you.




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