Nurse caught REUSING a syringe while giving flu shots, potentially exposing patients to hepatitis and HIV

Friday, October 09, 2015 by

Dozens of people are now being tested for HIV and hepatitis after a negligent nurse was caught reusing the same syringe to administer flu shots to patients. In Princeton, New Jersey, employees at Otsuka Pharmaceutical received the vaccinations in their office and are now being warned that they may have been exposed to a serious infection.

Nearly 70 people received the flu shot that was administered with the reused syringe, and now those same people are anxiously waiting test results. The co-workers will need to be retested for HIV in another six months in order to have accurate results since HIV can sometimes not be detected immediately after exposure.

Healthcare provider TotalWellness blatantly admitted that the nurse had clearly “failed to follow proper medical procedures and safeguards” when she REUSED THE SAME SYRINGE NEARLY SEVENTY TIMES ON DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

As if vaccinations weren’t dangerous enough.

According to the Department of Health, the nurse changed the needle each time she jabbed a new person with the flu shot, but since she reused the same syringe each time she potentially exposed each person to infected blood.

Jill Swanson, West Windsor Health Officer, told the Daily Mail that both the syringe and the needle need to be disposed of after each use.

In addition to reusing the same syringe, the nurse also reportedly gave less than the recommended dose of the flu shot for reasons that remain unclear. Perhaps she was going to resell all the unused syringes and remaining doses of the flu shot on the black market.

Despite health officials reminding people that the risk of infection from this negligence was “extremely low,” the incident nonetheless has placed an unnecessary burden on the staff who instead of “protecting” themselves from the flu may now instead develop AIDS.

And you thought Nurse Ratched was scary.

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